Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Teen Health Worry: Energy in a Can

Article Source: New York Times


With names like Rock Star, Full Throttle and Monster, it’s no wonder new super-caffeinated energy drinks appeal to teens.

But energy drink consumption is something parents need to think about too. As I write in today’s Well column, heavy consumption of caffeinated energy drinks may be a predictor of risky behavior by teens. In addition, teens and young adults are mixing alcohol and energy drinks, which can increase the risks associated with alcohol consumption.

To learn more about the caffeine content of the beverages your teen is drinking, check out the Web site Energy Fiend, which lists caffeine content of dozens of different beverages. Although I haven’t checked every item for accuracy, I have checked several of the listings and found the data to be reliable.

To read more about energy drinks and the association with risky behavior, read today’s Well column here. Are you a fan of energy drinks? Do you allow your teen to consume them? Post your comments below.