Monday, June 9, 2008

Study: Tykes, Teens Outdo Adults on Youtube

Article Source: cnet News

by Stefanie Olsen

You'd think Disney or the Cartoon Network would lure the most 2- to 11-year-olds scouting for video on the Internet. But the honors actually go to YouTube, with clips of Bugs Bunny, trains, and puppies (mixed in with "Twitter whores" and frat parties).

According to a new study from Nielsen Online, the largest number of tykes and preteens go to YouTube for video (or 4.1 million viewers aged 2 to 11), followed by the at a distant second, with 1.3 million viewers in that age bracket for the month of April., NickJr, and Google Video also showed up on that list.

Their habits could signal TV's future. On average, the kids watched 51 video streams from home during April, spending almost two hours on video clips. That usage outstrips the average of nearly 75 million adults who regularly view video clips at sites like and On average in April, adults of voting age watched 44 video streams, for about 1 hour and 40 minutes of their time.....


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