Friday, September 19, 2008

Teen Gamers Aren't Pimply Faced Male Recluses

By Anastasia Goodstein, YPulse

(YPulse) mentioned the new Pew study on teens and gaming a couple of times on Ypulse this week — it is a must-read and is choc full of interesting stats. To me the biggest trend is how gaming has become much more social for teens, defying the teen boy gamer stereotype. Games like Guitar Hero and Rockband, consoles like the Wii, social gaming on websites, virtual worlds and within social networks have all contributed to pushing the percentage of teens who game to nearly 100 percent. There has been lots of coverage of the study, but I wanted to share this video

from our friends up north (Canada!), which I think illustrates these key findings (for those of you who don't have time to download the report).

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Posted by anastasia on 09-19-2008

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