Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teen Fall 2009 Fashion Trends

Neon sneakers are in style

By Evelyn Block; Source: The Examiner

As schools in Los Angeles start the fall semester, teens are busy planning their fall wardrobes. Because many teens are hyper aware of what their peers are wearing, they often prefer to start the school year in last season’s styles until they determine what’s “in” among their friends. A wise parent encourages a “wait and see” attitude, as many teens discover they can adapt last season’s clothes to this season’s styles.

The look this season harkens back to the 80s. People were leery then as they are now about spending a lot of money on clothes. Staple pieces, in this case skinny jeans for both boys and girls, paired with clothes influenced by punk rock and heavy metal music is the defining style.

Plaids are big. Not the preppy plaids, but rather grungier plaids, Buffalo plaids and even plaid leggings for girls. Long sleeved plaid shirts over skinny jeans is a look likely to be seen on many middle and high school campuses this fall. There will also be lots of graphic t-shirts, especially on the guys. The t-shirts are great to layer under a new plaid long sleeved shirt or a hoodie.

Neon colors are all the rage and they are showing up in solids, plaids and even stripes on clothing. Neon accessories are hot as well as are skinny neon belts that can be worn over a dress or shirt.

Shoes may make the biggest fashion statement on campuses this year as plaids and argyle patterns in all colors, some even in neon colors, adorn the feet of the fashion conscious. Converse has taken the concept a step further, allowing purchasers to select the color, patterns, heel stripe, tongue and even laces for their shoes with a 2-4 week shipping time.

While you may find your teen’s style a bit on the grungy side, remember that as a teen struggles to find his or her own identity his choice of clothing and the message he believes his clothing sends becomes very important to him. Even though it seems as if your teen and her friends all look alike, your child has likely gone to a great deal of effort to be different while still fitting in with her friends. Those differences sometimes are only visible to teens themselves. Unless the clothing is objectionable, it's best to tolerate a teen's clothing choices and save the arguments for something more significant.

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