Thursday, June 11, 2009

MTV Series Spotlights How Pregnant Teens Cope With Motherhood

Maci Bookout, now 17, of Chattanooga, Tenn.,
says on MTV's new series that it's hard to be '16 and Pregnant.'
By Cristina Kinon

If just one girl decides to abstain from sex or use protection as a result of watching MTV's new series, "16 and Pregnant," then executive producer Liz Gateley thinks she's done her job.

"If there's a 22-year-old who's going out that night and they see the show and think twice about making sure they've got their contraception, that's a success," Gateley told the Daily News. "We also hope for a lot of co-viewing with our teenage audience and their parents, to open up the conversation."

Premiering Thursday night at 11, "16 and Pregnant" is a documentary series of hourlong episodes chronicling a five- to seven-month period in the life of a pregnant teen as she deals with all of the consequences and life-altering choices that come with having a baby.

(The series does deal with adoption but does not touch on abortion, a subject that Gateley said is dealt with by other MTV specials.)

Gateley said the idea for the show was conceived after the high-profile pregnancies of Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin drew attention to the rising number of teen pregnancies in the United States. Gateley said the intent of the show is to portray all the aspects of dealing with pregnancy and having a baby in your teens and not to glorify it in any way.....


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