Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PULSE Is Tapped Into What Drives the $190B Teen Market


Technology Reveals What Teens Really Think; Only PULSE Predicted the Huge American Idol Upset

PULSE revealed that:

iPods are talked about 13 times more often than Zune, but the kids with Zune are just as happy with them;

Pepsi is talked about 3.5 times more often than Coke and the positive polarity is twice as high;

iPhone dominates the space with 4 times more conversation than the Blackberry and positive polarity 50% higher than Blackberry; and

Nike is discussed 3 times more often than Adidas and teens like their Nikes.

PULSE has access to unfiltered and unbiased teen digital conversations and is being co-developed by Fortune 500 consumer brand, advertising and communication companies.

SYOSSET, NY, Jun 29, 2009 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- ECHOMETRIX, Inc. /quotes/comstock/11k!ehmi (EHMI 0.11, +0.02, +15.79%) announces the launch of PULSE, a real-time digital content platform that reveals the truth driving the $190 Billion teen market.

PULSE is a proprietary software engine that reads digital content from multiple sources across the web, including: instant messages ("IM"), blogs, social environment communities, forums, and chat rooms. PULSE analyzes the sentiment, and delivers the unsolicited raw conversations in real time. It gives marketers immediate, unique information about what teens are saying in their own words -- real, usable information that is not being revealed in traditional market research. PULSE reveals the positives and negatives -- about a product, a brand, a trend, an entertainer, a movie, a TV show, an athlete, a retailer, and more.

The unmatched ability to get inside privileged IM chats positions PULSE as a far more accurate predictor of the teen mindset.

In fact, PULSE predicted the American Idol upset more than twelve hours before the votes were announced!

On the morning of May 20, the day of the American Idol finals, the PULSE database revealed equal volume of conversations about the two finalists, Adam and Kris. PULSE accurately predicted an upset contradicting all the industry pundits. PULSE showed the tonality of the conversations about Adam had turned significantly negative two weeks preceding the finale.

PULSE knew about the new Xbox product, Natal, nine days before it was publicly announced. That is when PULSE revealed that teens began describing it as "outrageous" and started the viral talk about Natal pricing and distribution tactics.

"The PULSE is the only way to get real market intelligence in the digital world of teens," said Jeffrey Greene, CEO. "Asking teens questions doesn't get you the real answer. Pulse is an invaluable marketing tool because it reveals exactly what kids are saying while they are saying it."

"The power of the PULSE platform gives the marketing decision makers daily, real-time insight into the consumer's mind in a unique and actionable manner. This will be a profoundly important tool to all marketers as we fully enter the digital age. Ignore this tool at your own peril," said Peter Sealey, Echometrix Chairman and former Chief Marketing Officer for Coca Cola.

About Echometrix

Echometrix /quotes/comstock/11k!ehmi (EHMI 0.11, +0.02, +15.79%) is a leading developer of opinion mining and sentiment analysis applications for user-generated digital social media content. We specialize in delivering brand metrics, real-time market intelligence and consumer market research for the teenage consumer segment. For more information, www.echometrix.com

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