Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chace Crawford Officially Set for 'Footloose': Let's Hear It for the Bo-oy?

Article Source: Entertainment Weekly

by Margaret Lyons

It's official: Chace Crawford will be starring in the remake of Footloose, the one Zac Efron dropped out of earlier this spring.

I'm trying to separate my feelings about the wisdom of a Footloose remake -- unwise! don't do it! -- from my feelings about Crawford as the lead, but...yeesh. I can't lie, PWers: This whole thing is bumming me out. I like Crawford enough as the snooty, conflicted Nate on Gossip Girl, but Ren is an exuberant character, someone whose youthful energy is explosive, whose need to duh-duh-duh-dance cannot be denied!

I'm guessing the smoking and DUI will be cut from the update, but watch this and tell me you think Crawford can Billy Elliot it up like this:

The polite word for how I feel is skeptical. But maybe Crawford's just never had the chance to move when the spirit said move -- and director Kenny Ortega choreographed Dirty Dancing for crying out loud. The guy knows his way around dance-fueled coming-of-age stories. Maybe my concern is overstated.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you ready for Chace Crawford to liberate a small town from its puritanical no-dancing policies?

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