Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now Twitter Has Really Jumped the Shark

by Mike Moody
Article Source: TV Squad

I know the Internet has been harsh on Twitter lately, what with Oprah signing up for an account and that stupid Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN thing. But it's time to prepare yourself for a whole new world of online Twitter bashing.

Why? Because Twitter is coming to TV.

Creating a show based on the popular Web service isn't necessarily a bad idea. I'm sure someone could do something creative with it. But the people developing the upcoming Twitter TV show have other ideas. According to the AP, "The show would harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format." Ugh.

Really? Twitter is bringing us a celebrity stalking game show?

No more details were made available concerning the format of the show or when/where it would air. And yes, Twitter itself is helping to produce this show, which I'm guessing will end up on MTV or VH1, feature useless C-list celebs or tween sensations, and make most of us feel ashamed while typing our 140 characters or less.

I guess it's time to go back to Tumblr.

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