Thursday, May 21, 2009

New App Glympse Could Be Teen's Worst Nightmare

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(NECN: Ted McEnroe) - You can hear the conversation now.

"Hey Dad, I'm going to stay at the library."

"Are you really there?"

"Of course! What kind of a son/daughter do you think I am?"

"Well, then just send me a Glympse!" (Cue thunder, lightning and scary music)

It's a teenager's worst nightmare. An application for your cell phone that can beam back your exact location on demand - but in a way that resolves some of the privacy concerns of broadcasting your personal location at all times.

It's called Glympse, and it does address the issue that had limited the success of location software like Google Latitude and others. Glympse allows a cell phone user to send their real-time location to someone via e-mail or text message - giving the recipient a web link to a map that shows where you are. But Glympse's real value lies in that the user can control how long the link is active.

That gives it a little more value than just its ability to force your teenager to prove they really are at the library. You could set Glympse to track you en route to a meeting or reservation, in case you get stuck in traffic. Or if you break down, Glympse can make it easier for friends or a tow truck to track you down.

It's only available for Google Android right now, so it's hard to know how well it works, but it is expected to roll out for other phones.

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