Friday, May 15, 2009

How the Candie's Foundation and Bristol Palin Created a National Dialogue on Teen Pregnancy

BY Neil Cole

For the first time in my life, I am inclined to write a blog, based on the outpouring of articles, debates and strong responses on the Huffington Post and other news organizations regarding The Candie's Foundation, myself, Bristol Palin and the reaction to the town hall meeting we hosted last week.

I founded The Candie's Foundation in 2001 as an organization to raise awareness about teen pregnancy prevention during a time in which one million girls were getting pregnant each year. Over the past eight years the Foundation has created series of television, print and online public service announcements featuring celebrities whom teens admire and respect to educate teens about the issue. I am proud of the work the Foundation has completed and am proud of the town hall meeting and the results it has produced.

Last Wednesday, May 6th (the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy) was an amazing day for The Candie's Foundation where America was bombarded by a media initiative on teen pregnancy that made over 100 million impressions.....


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