Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boo Boo Graces Eclipse With A Built-In Tween Fan Base

By Kimberly Sherman; Source: The Examiner

Digging further into the background of newly cast Boo Boo Stewart as the highly anticipated role of Seth Clearwater reveals a bubblegum star with quite an established fan base of tweens, making him a perfect presentation for the role of Seth. Without the stigma of a trademarked name, but with a bit of a following, the casting of Boo Boo as Seth sounds like a perfect fit.

Aside from random roles in a variety of flicks, the fresh-faced teen has a blossoming musical career and has modeled, most recently, for Kohl’s; his multi-faceted background mirrors that of his multi-talented Eclipse cast members.

Born Nils Allen Stewart, Jr., the 15 year old actor/ martial artist resembles a slightly younger Taylor Lautner, having been named the 2002 and 2003 Martial Arts World Champion and inducted into the 2004 Martial Arts Junior Hall of Fame.

Boo Boo’s fan base may stem from his stint as a Radio Disney T-Squad Member. About Boo Boo and the T-Squad from Disney’s site:

Boo Boo Stewart
Hometown: Shadow Hills, CA
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: McDonalds
Hobbies: Karate, Dance, Singing, Guitar, Stunts, Gymnastics
Pets: Pookie
Actor: Mel Gibson
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Favorite Ice Cream: Mint and Chip
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings 1,2 and 3
Favorite Sport: Karate

The T Squad
The T Squad is a vocal and dance hip hop/pop- "super group" -comprised of four uniquely talented young performers that individually have mad skills in dance, electric vocals, and an unbelievable presence.

They also share a unifying desire to fight lies and expose dishonesty. Pledging to stick together through thick and thin, the T Squad has set out to show how friendship and trust are the keys to a better world and best of all, they do it all through phat beats and tight moves.

Team BooBoo has a great compilation of amateur videos and fodder, including a forum, to interest teen fans. Here’s a complete list of official Boo Boo sites for your teen to delve into:

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