Monday, August 3, 2009

Like, OMG: PSP 4 Girlz

By Chris Kohler; Source: Wired

Image: Sony

Image: Sony

That Hannah Montana PSP bundle, with its girl-approved purple game machine, is going to ship this week, so Sony has launched a website informing girls — I am dreadfully sorry: girlz — that they can also play PSP.

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that Sony is clearly stretching when it lists the new games on the console that will appeal to girls: Pangya? If I was to think of game genres that tween girls would not be interested in, golf and moe would be on the short list.

No, the weird thing about Girlz Play Too is how utterly forced it all seems; as a NeoGAF poster commented this morning, it’s like someone’s lame dad walking in on a slumber party and going OMYGAWD HI GIRLS, I ALSO LOVE THE SUPER JONAS BROTHERS!

Also, you can take a “personality test” to see which game character you are most like. Example result:


I guess we can all just be grateful that this isn’t one of the options:


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