Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lack Of Sleep For Vampires And Teen Stars In Today's Tweet Dreams

by Aly Semigran in The Twitter Nation
Source: MTV

While Twitter is usually home to some lighthearted fare (yesterday celebs divulged us on what they’ve been dining on lately), news of Bill Clinton's meeting with the leader of North Korea and the pardoning of U.S. journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee that soon followed, spread like wildfire in the Twitterverse. Singer Rob Thomas joked, “how about our man william jefferson? he’s like dog the bounty hunter.” While Brooke Burke shared with a more serious, but equally celebratory, “US journalists pardoned!! yeah!!”

Elsewhere, celebs used Twitter to just spread a little love — Jason Mraz Tweeted, “Affirmation. If I wait until I become perfect to love myself, I will waste my whole life. I am already perfect right here and right now” — while others, like "Degrassi" star Andrea Lewis (pictured), just wished her friends would spread their love during normal business hours.

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@peterfacinelli Morning. Heading to Vancouver. Got 3 hrs of sleep last night. Hope I don't fall asleep in rehearsals. Ahh.. I'll sleep when I'm undead.
-Peter Facinelli, Actor (“Twilight,” “New Moon”)

@PaulaAbdul I want to celebrate all of you for making me Ms Twitter USA! Thank You so much! xoP
-Paula Abdul, Singer, Host (“American Idol”)

@superwomanAK Blowing my nose for what feels like the millionth time.....yucky! Luckily, the sound of my nose in a tissue is music, I promise! Lol!;-)
-Alicia Keys, Musician

@michaelianblack Sick of sharks. Wish a dolphin would man up and eat somebody.
-Michael Ian Black, Comedian, Actor (“Michael and Michael Have Issues”)

@joshgroban Before Facebook, I was so CLUELESS as to when highschool friends were having birthday parties! Now, I'm all over that--shut yo mouth!
-Josh Groban, Musician

@rainnwilson Movie Idea: The Intergalactic Crime Fighter's Nephew.
-Rainn Wilson, Actor (“The Office,” “Juno”)

@andyroddick just met the presidents dog!! so cute
-Andy Roddick, Athlete

@missandrealewis I hate when your friends know that there's a 3 hour time difference but just ignore it. BBM going off at 6:30am for nothing, not cool :/
-Andrea Lewis, Musician, Actress (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”)

@TheMandyMoore hello after a bit of a twitter sabbatical. hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer.
- Mandy Moore, Singer/ Actress

@HaylieK Had a great audition, bought gas from a station that looks like the jetsons fill up there, saw a chick in heels& a bikini walking Robertson
- Haylie Duff, Actress ("Legacy," "7th Heaven")

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