Thursday, July 9, 2009

McDonald's Lures Tweens

By Caren Watson; Source: The Examiner

Tweens are overlooked in the world of fast food. Too hungry for a kids meal and parents are not ready to pay the high price for an adult meal. Thank goodness tweens love the dollar menu and think that it's cool.

Well to add to the cool factor, McDonald's has its own section of for what they call McDTween. It's where tweens can go for "Havin' Fun".

The tween sized fun includes making your own advertisement, watching videos, and splattering people with berry parfaits. Just what tweens love to do! The current theme of the site is related to the hot game Line Rider 2 which is now available for purchase in several game formats. Line Rider 2 has 40 "mind bending puzzle games".

McDonalds is currently running a contest to win either:

  • A Wii with one Line Rider 2 Game
  • One of three Nintendo DS Games with Line Rider 2
  • Or one of ten Line Rider 2 Games for your home computer

The contest ends August 31, 2009.

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