Thursday, July 23, 2009

'New Moon' event at Comic-Con Pits Teen Fans Against Twilight Moms Waiting In Line (Video)

By Michele Johansen & Lexie Tigre (The Examiner)

Things are already getting crazy at Comic Con over the 'Twilight' events happening today! Last night, hundreds of fans began lining up to secure their spot to see a screening of Twilight, not to mention attend a panel discussion featuring the likes of Robert Pattinson, 23, and Taylor Lautner, 17, as well as other stars from that movie and the upcoming New Moon. Rumor has it event Kristen Stewart will make an appearance. As the night wore on, fans began to feud with one another over space in line - as well as whether it was appropriate for the Twilight Moms in attendance to be lusting after seventeen-year-old Lautner, who plays the werewolf, Jacob. Some teen fans were caught on film discussing their irritation over the Twilight Moms ahead of them in line and tossed around words like 'pedophiles.'

Apparently people in line were allowed to save space for up to three other people, which is where the trouble began. As the day and night wore on, stragglers began to line up with friends thereby pushing other fans further down the line. A group of five seventeen-year-old girls became upset that the Twilight Moms ahead of them were growing in number. Holding up signs that urged "Twilight Moms: Obsess over a vampire your own age," they said that initially they had asked the Twilight Moms to not allow all of their friends to cut in line, a deal that was evidently not honored by the "creepy" Twilight Moms.

That was when the girls began attacking the moms for lusting after Lautner, who has becomea sex symbol for not just teenage girls but also women. In the Twilight series, Lautner's character, Jacob, transforms from a shy boy into a strapping 6'7" muscled man around the age of twenty-four. Lautner fought hard to keep his role for New Moon by gaining weight and working out. The result is that he
has become a good looking lad that turns the heads of moms and their daughters.

Saying, "They're all old, they had their time to do fun stuff," the girls complain that it isn't right for the Twilight Moms to stand in line to see Lautner. "They're 40 and waiting for a seventeen-year-old when we're seventeen," they complained. "They asked a seventeen-year-old to sign their thong! If a guy did that, he would be arrested." In the background, you can hear another girl saying that they are pedophiles. They stated that these moms are getting away with it because they are "girls." So, wait - are they "creepy" women or "girls?" Even these teens can't figure it out.

What do you think? Shouldn't all fans of the books and movies get a chance to attend the Twilight/New Moon panel, despite their age? Or should it be a "teens only" event?

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