Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WeeWorld Survey Says Teen Spending On The Rise

Source: Virtual Goods News

Today youth virtual world WeeWorld announced the results of a volunteer survey of over 4,000 WeeWorld users regarding their spending habits online. The survey found that despite the economic downturn, 31% of teens claim to be getting more money than ever while 26% claim their allowance is unchanged. While 24% of teens claim they are too old for an allowance only 11% of teens would say that they now receive less money from their parents than they had in the past.

"Entertainment value trumps economic woes - everyone wants and needs to have fun. WeeWorld users crave entertainment in their everyday life and in virtual worlds, and they are willing to spend money to make sure they get it," said Lauren Bigelow, General Manager of North America and SVP of Marketing, WeeWorld.

The survey also revealed that the primary reason why teens might buy virtual goods in a virtual world environment is to express themselves, but also that female users routinely have more influence over peers' purchases than male users. In addition, WeeWorld's users are 40% male and 60% female. Other key stats disclosed by the survey included that 53% of teens actively participate in two to four online communities and 75% find that having avatars is fun.

When it comes to spending online, 34% of teens are willing to spend online for "anything fun" while 22% will spend online in order to express themselves. Girls are generally more interested in buying goods online to express themselves, 24% as opposed to 17% of boys. Of the teens surveyed, 31% used their WeeMees in IM, 30% used them on social networks, 24% used them on blogs and other sites, and 12% used them on their mobile phones.

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