Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SmartyCard Expands Tween Virtual World Rewards With Zwinky Cuties

SmartyCard increases the value of its virtual currency for parents and tweens, adds another top virtual world as learning reward

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartyCard(TM), the online games service for tweens that lets kids earn their favorite rewards through one flexible virtual currency, today announced their reward partnership with Zwinky Cuties(TM), a virtual world that welcomes and encourages children ages six and up to safely explore their individuality and creativity. SmartyCard has quickly become a fluid currency for parents who want their tweens (ages 6-12) to earn access to some of the most popular virtual worlds online, and today, Zwinky Cuties joins SmartyCard's roster of the most popular virtual world rewards.

"With our commitment to children ages six and up, partnering with SmartyCard was a natural fit," said Dae Mellencamp, general manager for Zwinky Cuties and senior vice president of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. "Zwinky Cuties provides kids with a safe and fun online environment while SmartyCard allows them to learn the value of hard work and choices. Zwinky Cuties is excited to be one of the newest choices for SmartyCard kids."

SmartyCard's learn-earn-play educational platform, developed in partnership with several leading online educational content providers, offers a fluid currency that allows both parents and tweens to make choices while enjoying a safe and seamless online experience. SmartyCard allows parents, family members and friends to purchase pre-paid SmartyCard points for their kids through its safe, online site,, while the children earn the currency through playing interactive educational games and quizzes. By successfully completing activities, children earn, accumulate, and use SmartyCard points to select parent-approved rewards from the most popular books, DVDs, music, and toys to online virtual worlds and games.

"Kids and parents are finding they love SmartyCard for the wide-range of reward choices, both real and virtual, available for tweens," said Chris Carvalho, general manager, SmartyCard. "Adding new partners, like Zwinky Cuties, makes perfect sense for our customers, as virtual world rewards continue to be the most popular reward category for SmartyCard kids."

Zwinky joins other virtual worlds, such as Bella Sara, ClubPenguin(TM), Stardoll, and many more in SmartyCard's rewards mall.

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