Friday, July 17, 2009

Taylor Lautner Isn't Sure He Is Ready for Twilight-Sized Fame

By Michele Johansen & Lexie Tigre
(The Examiner)

New Moon, the second film in the Twilight saga, is slated to come out in November, but teen Taylor Lautner is already thinking about what it might mean for him. In the first film, Lautner's character, Jacob, played a minor role in the romance between Bella and her teen vampire love, Edward. As a result, although many Twilight fans are interested in Lautner, he has not had to deal with the almost debilitating crush of fame that his co-star, Robert Pattinson has experienced.

In New Moon, however, things change. Jacob becomes integral to the plot, meaning Lautner will be on screen much more. Jacob also becomes a major player in Bella's romantic life. His character has also gotten a hair cut and buffed up body, transforming him into a tween-girl magnet.

Whether he will turn into a tween obsession (or an obsession of their Twilight Moms) at the levels of his co-star remains to be seen. With the adult-sized fame heaped on the young stars of Twilight, it is easy to forget that several of the players are still just kids. At 17, it is a lot for Lautner to digest. In an interview with the LA Times, he said. "We have seen the passion and dedication in the fans. We wouldn't be here without them, but they're everywhere."

With legions of fans joining sides- Team Edward or Team Jacob, anyone?- there is no doubt that interest in Lautner will increase dramatically once the film comes out. "You're always experiencing the fans," he said thoughtfully. "Sometimes it does get a little overwhelming."

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