Thursday, July 9, 2009

Teens Love Parents, Just Don't Want To Talk With Them

Source: Tampa Bay Online

Teens may not want to talk with or be seen with their parents in public, but they do appear to like them.

A new unscientific online survey of 2,800 American teens found that 77 percent felt they had a good relationship with their parents, despite admissions that they were likely to hide personal information from them.

A reported 44 percent of surveyed teens were likely to hide their online activities, while 21 percent would avoid admitting spending time with a boyfriend or girlfriend. More than half had talked with parents about sex, but 56 percent said their parents didn't know their child was in a relationship.

Predictably, most teens said they turned to friends for advice regarding romantic or friendly relationships. More than 70 percent said they would not take advice in those areas from a parent. Teens were more likely to confide in Mom (68 percent) than Dad (18 percent).

Results from the parent communication survey includes hundreds of comments from teens about the survey and its results.

Pangea Media, an online quiz company, conducted the survey on parental communication on its site called Quibblo. It's not designed to be scientific research but instead offers a snapshot into the teen universe. The site features user-generated quizzes from the serious ("Would you rather be blind or deaf?") to superficial ("Are you going to buy the new Jonas Brothers CD?"). Some recent quizzes included hundreds of thousands of votes.

Mary Shedden

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